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Greetings from the Executive President

Representative Director, Executive President Kazufumi Yokogawa

Representative Director, Executive President
Kazufumi Yokogawa

My name is Kazufumi Yokogawa, and it is my pleasure to serve as the Representative Director and Executive President of Tanaka Chemical Corporation. In the secondary (rechargeable) battery market where significant growth is expected, we will make our utmost effort towards stable and continuous company growth.

Tanaka Chemical Corporation is a company specializing in a single segment, i.e. positive electrode materials for secondary batteries. We focus on development and manufacturing of materials for Ni-MH batteries, and especially for Lithium-Ion Batteries. Though the secondary batteries are widely used for electrical appliances such as mobile devices, as well as vehicles such as Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), most especially the market for vehicle batteries is rapidly expanding in a trend toward Electric Vehicles (EV). In order to respond to this trend, it is necessary to develop a higher-performance secondary battery, providing it in a timely manner to the market, satisfying demand in quantity and price, by keeping our traditional business style while providing a custom-made product to fit the needs of each customer. Under the current fortuitous opportunity where our market is experiencing explosive expansion of secondary growth, I believe our company will be able to see substantial growth through the achievement of these efforts,

In addition, in the rapidly growing market for vehicle batteries, the failure of an equipped secondary battery will damage vehicle performance, and will directly affect its safety. Therefore, a quality control factor for batteries is an essential requirement, even more than before, and we are also committed to improving our ability for numerical and theoretical analysis.

We value the credibility for our product earned from our customers in many years of experience. Furthermore, we value our technologies, such as Particle Sphering Technology which controls particle formation, and Multi-element Co-precipitation Technology which co-precipitates various elements at the atomic level. While being based on these advantages that Tanaka Chemical Corporation has, we aim for further growth in our company, coping speedily with environment changes in the market, and deepening a collaboration, versatilely with our parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. in the area of development of higher-performance secondary batteries, the expansion of production capacity responding to market growth, the pursuit of rational production methods, and the improvement of numerical and theoretical analysis.

I would like to thank all of our customers, stake-holders and employees, for your continuous understanding and support.

Representative Director, Executive President
Kazufumi Yokogawa

Corporate Data (as of Jun.27,2019)

Name of company Tanaka Chemical Corporation
Established December 2, 1957
Capital 9.15billion yen
Representative Director, Executive President Kazufumi Yokogawa
Number of employees 231(as of Mar.31,2019)
Scope of business
  1. Manufacture and sale of positive electrode materials for rechargeable batteries
  2. Manufacture and sale of inorganic chemical products
Stock exchange listing Tokyo Securities Exchange(JASDAQ)
Head Office・Fukui Plant
45-5-10, Shirakata-cho, Fukui 910-3131 Japan
Tel +81-776-85-1801 / Fax +81-776-85-1803
Osaka Office
Senba LS Bldg.10F, 1-6-26 Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0056 Japan
Tel +81-6-6271-7051 / Fax +81-6-6271-7081
Tokyo Office
Aios Gotanda Bldg.4F, 1-10-7 Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022 Japan
Tel +81-3-6277-2771 / Fax +81-3-6277-2662

Head Office・Fukui Plant
Head Office・Fukui Plant

Fukui Plant
Fukui Plant


Dec. 1957 Established Tanaka Chemical Corporation with a capital of 1 million yen. Commenced production of manganese carbonate (MnCO3) for ferrite at the Mukogawa Plant in Amagasaki, Hyogo.
Aug. 1959 Established the Ashiya Plant in Ashiya, Hyogo.
Dec. 1973 Commenced sale of nickel hydroxide.
Aug. 1986 Commenced production of spherical nickel hydroxide for Ni-Cd batteries.
Sep. 1988 Established the Fukui Plant. Closed the Ashiya Plant.
Oct. 1991 Commenced production of spherical nickel hydroxide for Ni-MH batteries.
Nov. 1991 Relocated the head office to Fukui.
May 1995 Opened the Osaka Office.
Aug. 1995 Commenced production of cobalt oxide for lithium-ion batteries.
May 1997 Commenced production of high-capacity type nickel hydroxide(cobalt coated products)
Jul. 1999 Acquired ISO14001 certification.
Dec. 1999 Opened the Tokyo Office.
Feb. 2000 Counter stock registered at Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Oct. 2002 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
Aug. 2003 Commenced production of Ni/Mn/Co compound (ternary positive electrode material).
Dec. 2004 Stock listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange.
Jun. 2007 Closed the Mukogawa Plant.
Sep. 2009 Obtained a patent concerning ternary positive electrode material in U.S.A.
May 2011 Acquired Environmental Rating from the Development Bank of Japan.
Jan. 2012 Fukui Plant awarded the Chairman’s Award from Japan Greenery Research and Development Center. Obtained a patent concerning ternary positive electrode material in Japan.
Oct. 2016 Became subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd. through third party allocation of shares.

Company Principles

Company Principles

Production Technology

We Pursue Quality in Every Process from Development
and Production to Distribution

We pursue a high level of quality in the total flow of our operation; from R&D and production technology, development of production facilities and equipment, to distribution and management. We keep maintenance and quality control at the highest level by carrying out chemical composition analysis of raw materials, intermediaries and final products, as well as physical characteristic analysis of crystallinity, viscosity and filling density of powder products. Through these achievements, we acquired ISO 9001 certification in October 2002. While valuing the fundamentals of manufacturing we, as a leading company in the industry, continue to take on the challenge to achieve further advancement in quality at an extremely high level.

Head Office/Fukui Plant/Osaka Office

Reaction Process Control Panel


Building a Recycling-oriented Society

In aspiring to carry out business activities and provide products that are friendly to the environment, we undertake continuous ecological improvement efforts through the establishment of an environmental management system. In 1999, we acquired ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system. In 2011, we acquired a high rating in “Environmental Rating”, run by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) for “advanced effort for consideration towards the environment”.
We consider environmental protection as one of the important issues of management, and are striving to reduce our environmental impact across the board, from material procurement to development, production, logistics and waste disposal.

In May 2011, we received an environmentally rated financing from the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) in which we were rated for “advanced effort for consideration towards the environment”.

Waste Heat Recycling
(Hydrothermal Heat Pump)

Head Office/Fukui Plant